French and Indian War Notices Abstracted from Colonial Newspapers, Volume 1: 1754-1755


This compendium of articles concerns the first two years of the French and Indian War as reported in accounts culled from different newspapers published in Britain's North American colonies and Europe. It was through these articles, letters from government officials, concerned citizens and common soldiers, public addresses, notices and editorials that the British subjects were kept abreast of the dramatic conflict developing in the Upper Ohio Valley, Nova Scotia, Acadia and the whole of the North American frontier. As such, the text is infused with all the anxiety and emotion of a nation at war and allows the reader a unique perspective on a seminal event in the course of American history. Facts, hearsay, and propaganda are melded together in an attempt to both inform the populace and inflame the spirit in defense of the British Empire. No attempt has been made to correct spelling, punctuation or presentation of this material; it exists as it did on the pages of the original newspapers to provide an intimate understanding of how the British government and the American colonists experienced the early years of the “Late Glorious War” with France. A full name index is included.

Armand Francis Lucier

(1999), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 370 pp.

ISBN: 9780788410857