The Student's Pocket Medical Lexicon


The Student's Pocket Medical Lexicon - Elias Longley. When reading a historical account or surveying the records of past ancestors, have you ever been stumped by archaic, unfamiliar or downright odd pieces of scientific or medical terminology? Do you question the authenticity of the jargon used in your favorite works of historical fiction? Are you interested in the ongoing development of our collective vocabulary, especially with regard to our broadening knowledge of the sciences? Fulfill your need to know in all cases with The Student's Pocket Medical Lexicon, Elias Longley's popular nineteenth-century reference for doctors, surgeons, chemists and medical students. Inside, readers will find over 250 pages of definitions (with phonetic spellings to aid in pronunciation) for terms relating to anatomy, pharmacology, diseases, mental and emotional disturbances, the elements, scientific classification, and all other terms "in general use in medicine and the collateral sciences." An appendix includes a list of every fatally poisonous substance then known with reliable or suggested antidotes, a list of abbreviations used in writing prescriptions, and a brief section on metric conversions, with a table of minimum and maximum metric doses for a selection of medications reprinted from Dr. Francis H. Brown's Medical Register for New England. A remarkable artifact and a wonderful addition to your research library!

(1889, 2000), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, 306 pp.

 ISBN: 9780788415456