The History of Rogers' Rangers, Volume 1: The Beginnings, January 1755-April 6, 1758 [cloth]


This rare 1946 classic—the indispensable companion to Volume II, Genesis: Rogers’ Rangers, The First Green Berets—is based chiefly on the Loudoun Manuscripts. Here is the history of the very beginning of Rogers’ Rangers, the elite military unit that set the standards for future special forces. Volume I covers the years in which Ranger activities reached their height during the French and Indian War. The wealth of information to be found in Mr. Loescher’s books cannot be overstated. This is a facsimile of the original edition, the index to which is found in Volume II. Original copies of this book sell for hundreds of dollars! Includes maps of the two famous snowshoe battles of La Barbue Creek and Rogers’ Rock, and a fold-out map of 22 early Ranger battles between 1755-1758. Absolutely essential for every Ranger enthusiast!

Burt Garfield Loescher

(1946), 2006, 6x9, cloth, 438 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417412