The History of Gilmanton [New Hampshire]


Embracing the Proprietary, Civil, Literary, Ecclesiastical, Biographical, Genealogical, and Miscellaneous History, from the First Settlement to the Present Time; Including What is Now Gilford, to the Time it was Disannexed.

Originally published in 1845, this work is a compilation of facts derived from various sources, including: Proprietary & Town Records, Farmer?s Genealogical Register, Belknap's History of NH, Adam?s Annals of Portsmouth, Allen's Biographical Dictionary, and Felt's History of Ipswich. The first part of this book is dedicated to providing the reader with a general overview of the civil proceedings of the town of Gilmanton during the first half century after its settlement in 1761. It includes notes from the town records for the years 1766 through 1812. Part Two looks at the literary or educational history of the town by examining Gilmanton Academy and the Theological Seminary. A list of trustees of the former and alumni of the latter are given. The second half of part two examines the proceedings of the proprietors, and lists the first churches in the area. Part Three provides biographical sketches of important Gilmanton citizens, and lists brief genealogical histories for 46 different families. The final section is a collection of miscellaneous data. It includes information pertaining to population, employment, products, births, marriages, deaths, longevity, casualties and graveyards. This work is complimented by a period-specific fold-out map, and has been enhanced by a new full name plus subject index.


Daniel Lancaster


(1845), reprint, paper, index, 352 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419522