The History of Rogers' Rangers, Volume 3: Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers [cloth]


You have read about their daring exploits as the first elite fighting unit in America, but have you ever wondered just who the individual Rangers were? Was one of them your ancestor? A treasure trove of biographical material, this work contains information on more than 200 Rangers (some of whom served in both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution), the legendary Robert Rogers himself, John Stark, the Brewers, Moses Hazen, the Stockbridge Mohegans, and the lesser-known men of all ranks including surgeons, clerks, cadets and corporals. This edition also includes a preface and the text of a discourse presented by the author to the Rogers Island Historical Society. Previously available in extremely limited quantities, this rare work has been completely re-typeset and includes a new fullname index that makes it a useful companion to the others in the series. It is enhanced with black and white illustrations. All known information is given, including if possible: place of birth, names of parents and spouse, place and date of enlistment, military service and commissions, notable events in military and civilian life, land grants, date of discharge, date and/or place of death. It is true that "a ghastly death stalked ever at their side," and some Rangers were cut down early in their careers, thus leaving a shorter record than others. Your collection is not complete without this volume!

Burt Garfield Loescher

(1957, 2001), 6x9, cloth, index, 106 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419676


[Cover displayed is not of the hardcover book, no dustjacket]