The Lost Cities of Colorado


The Lost Cities of Colorado - Laurel Michele Wickersheim and Rawlene LeBaron. Life in Colorado's long vanished gold mining towns is reflected in its old, frequently ephemeral, newspapers, and it is preserved in these pages thanks to the painstaking research of the authors. Census data has brought to life a cross section of the people who lived in mining camps and nascent towns; readers can see where they came from and speculate on their relationships. Information was also gleaned from old diaries, business directories, and photographs. The authors personally trekked across the Front Range, looking at deserted cabins and the remnants of Colorado's gold rush, and have included directions to most of these ghost towns. The book is arranged by county, and offers an overview of Colorado's gold rush history, the miners who helped settle Colorado, and elements of the gold mining, but the main focus is on the lost cities and mining camps, along with stories of the miners who established these cities. Transcripts from original documents and photographs enhance the text. An excellent resource for genealogists and historians; a wonderful guidebook for campers, backpackers and treasure hunters; and an enjoyable read for armchair adventurers! The authors are both members of the Indiana Society of Pioneers, the Colorado Historical Society and the Boulder Historical Society. (2002), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 344 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421907