Newspaper Datelines of the American Revolution, Volume 3: May 1, 1776 to November 1, 1776


Continuing the series, the author takes readers through the spring, summer, and fall months of the key year, 1776. Much is happening during this time as revealed in these abstracts from letters, reports, and articles appearing in thirty-one colonial newspapers. The American forces are retiring from the siege at Quebec, and General Sullivan is retiring all his forces to Crown Point. British Lord Howe lands 10,000 troops on Long-Island. The Declaration of Independence is formed and adopted. We read about troop movements and engagements, deserters, Lord Dunmore's many activities, small pox outbreaks, German auxiliary troops to the British, privateers and other naval activities, Native American involvement, orders and declarations from the Continental Congress, and more. Step back into time with a read through these abstracts of old newspapers and glimpse the world the American colonists lived in, and the anxieties and triumphs they experienced.

Armand Francis Lucier

2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 346 pp.

ISBN: 9780788424908