Henry Rice, (1717-1818), The Pioneer Tennessee Gristmiller and His Twelve Children


Henry Rice was born in c. 1717 in Hanover County, Virginia and lived in Virginia, South Carolina, and East Tennessee; he died in 1818 at Lost Creek, Tennessee (Campbell County, now Union). Name(s) of wife or wives unknown. He had at least six sons and six daughters, some born in Virginia and some in South Carolina. Near the middle of the century, the family moved to the “96 District” of South Carolina and settled on land known as Indian territory. After several years at Rices Creek of Twelve Mile River in South Carolina, Henry traveled with some of his older children to Watauga Settlement, East Tennessee, where he built and fortified a large grist mill. He spent the rest of his 101 years here and at Lost Creek. Also featuring the surnames Bailey, Brim, Miller, Morrow, Spence, Smith, Tuttle, Watson, Wilson and others.

Melvin Weaver Little

(1983), 2007, 8½x11, paper, index, 328 pp.

ISBN: 9780788436543