Colorado on the Eve of Statehood: An Edited Business Directory of the Pioneers who Built the Centennial State


In 1861, with an Act of Congress, the United States created the Territory of Colorado, a parcel of high mountains and prairie that had been acquired with the 1803 Louisiana Purchase and the 1848 Mexican Cession. The pioneers who settled this rich new land began pressing for statehood. This book is a memorial to those brave men and women-a snapshot of the courageous individuals who settled a rugged land and paved the way for statehood. They were hotel keepers and ministers, store owners and barkeepers, city officials and teachers, gold miners and farmers. These pioneers and the towns they founded are named in the excerpts from the 1875 Colorado Business Directory, which are featured herein. This is an excellent guide for the historian of the Old West and Colorado, and a valuable resource for the genealogist searching for ancestors who migrated west. Vintage illustrations and newspaper advertisements enhance the text.


Rawlene Briar LeBaron and Laurel Michele Wickersheim


2008, 5½x8½, paper, 262 pp.

ISBN: 9780788445514