Ledbetters from Virginia


From the Preface: “This volume traces the Ledbetters who settled in the Prince George County area of Virginia about 1635 and attempts to name all those who spread out from that area up to about 1800. In addition, the descendants of three of these are traced insofar as possible in a connected family line to the present time. ...

"Many other families are mentioned. Mainly, these are families into which Ledbetter sons and daughters have married. Wherever known, the parents and sometimes grandparents are named. In a few instances the children of the former Ledbetter daughters are named. Additional names include those of neighbors, ministers, officials and even witnesses to documents. The general index lists families and given names under each. It is hoped that such names will serve as leads to those interested in tracing their families."

Chapters include: Origin of Family Names; Migrations, Racial Origin and Traits; Ledbetters of Early Virginia; Descendants of Henry, d 1751; Descendants of Rev. Henry, b 1721; Descendants of Arthur; Others Traced to Virginia; Ledbetters in the Revolution; Ledbetters in the Wars after the Revolution; Ledbetters in Appellate Cases; and, Ledbetters in the Census. Pictures include: George M. Ledbetter and Wife, Emily Ledbetter and Children, James Franklin "Bud" Ledbetter, and William Russell Ledbetter. Maps and Sketches include: Sketch of Area of Ledbetters in Virginia, Map of Ledbetter Migrations, and Map of Ledbetter Soldiers. A full-name Index by Families adds to the value of this work.

Roy C. Ledbetter, William R. Ledbetter, Justus R. Moll, James D. Tillman Jr.

(1964), 2019, 6x9, paper, 398 pp.

ISBN: 9780788458774