Highland Papers: Volume II


Upon the death of Donald Gregory, his manuscripts were placed in the Society of Antiquaries MS. Collection. A selection of his material, as well as documents from other sources, comprise this second volume (a publication of the Scottish History Society), whose purpose was to make available "some of the original material and recorded tradition on which knowledge of [Highland] history [is] based.". Like Volume I, this second volume contains material which may shed light on Highland history. "An attempt has been made to increase the usefulness of these materials by the addition of notes and by the occasional discussion of questions which they raise." The contents include: the genealogy of the surname of M'Kenzie since their coming into Scotland; the genealogy of the Campbells; material relating to the lands of Glassarie and their early possessors. (Charters, Precepts, Bonds, Testificates, Resignations, and Letters) Dates: 1240–1672; documents relating to the massacre at Dunavertie; papers relating to the estates of the Chisholm and the Earl of Seaforth forfeited in 1716; appendix; and index listing people and places. Illustrations include: "Tack of the lands of Torre to Alexander Schyrmeschur, 1293," "Retour of Inquest relating to one-third of Glassre, 1355," "Charter by Alexander II to Gillascop MacGilcrist, 1240."


J. R. N. MacPhail, K. C.


(1916, 1994), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 396 pp.

ISBN: 9780788400438