History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra

The distinguished U.S. history bibliography, U.S.IANA, calls this "The best account of the most harrowing of all overland disasters." This is the most notorious incident in the history of westward immigration. Contents of this book include a complete roll of the company, some genealogical data, and the organization of the group. Dangers along the way, Indians, life on the plains, dissension within the party, the fatal decision to take the route known as the "Hastings Cut-off," the character of certain participants, accidents, hardships, deaths, hopes and heroics are all described in this work. The final rescues are depicted, and summaries of what became of the survivors are given. Includes two new three-dimensional, computer generated maps of Donner Pass that graphically show the obstacle faced by the immigrants.


C. F. McGlashan


 ISBN: 9780788401152