Harford County, Maryland Wills 1774-1800


Abraham Jarrett served as Register of Wills for Harford County, Maryland, from 1799 to 1813. Three ledgers containing wills are identified by his initials for the period 1774 to 1814. This publication covers wills for the period 1774 to 1800, which were recorded in two ledgers identified as “AJ–2” and “AJ–R.” Both ledgers have wills grouped by the first letter of the last name. The AJ–2 ledger contains the first part of the alphabet (A–Q) and the AJ–R ledger covers the balance (R–Z), hence the “R” designation. The third ledger is not covered in this volume. These ledgers, covering the first twenty-five years of Harford County’s history, include wills of many individuals who participated in the Revolutionary War as well as information on their descendants, real estate, slaves, and in a few instances, their ancestors. It gives names of all persons (executors, witnesses, slaves) and tracts mentioned. A complete index of persons and tracts, with special indices of slaves by first names and by associated surnames, adds to the value of this work.

Ralph H. Morgan, Jr.

(1990, 2000), 2011, 5½x8½, paper, index, 166 pp.

ISBN: 9781585491667