A Martin Genealogy Tied to the History of Germanna, Virginia


This book contains a short history of Germanna and Germantown, Virginia; the small band of miners and their families who founded them; and the circumstances of their travel from the Nassau-Siegen District in Germany. Specifically covered is the family of John Joseph Martin (Johann Jost Merten). He was born May 24, 1691 in Muesen, Nassau-Siegen, Germany, and emigrated from Germany in 1713 with the first Germanna colony of 1714; his ancestry goes back to the 1500s. Martin’s descendants are covered at great length, and the major allied families of Ehresmann, Fischbach/Fishback, Heimbach, Knieling/Kneiling, Moore, Otterbach/Utterback, Richter/Rector, Stuell/Still, Turner, Wendling, and Zachmann are covered to at least three generations in the appendix. Two indexes provide easy access to the names of people and places found in the text.

William A. Martin

(1995), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, indices, 382 pp.

ISBN: 9780788401848