Highland Papers, Volume IV


Upon the death of Donald Gregory, his manuscripts were placed in the Society of Antiquaries MS. Collection. A selection of his material, as well as documents from other sources, comprises this fourth volume in the series originally published by the Scottish History Society. “Like the earlier volumes of this series, [this volume] contains a collection of papers of varied interest relating to the Scottish Highlands. Numerous writs [1334-1632] of the Campbells of Strachur, transcribed and annotated by the Duke of Argyll, have by His Grace’s kindness been made available to the Society. The National Library of Scotland and the Lyon Office respectively contribute...material regarding the Campbells of Auchinbrek and the name of McLea. A document from the papers of ...Dr. Maitland Thomson supplies...information about the last phase of resistance to William of Orange in Scotland. A letter from the Barcaldine Mss., written by Mungo Campbell, who was with Colin Campbell of Glenure when he was shot, is a notable addition to the memorials of the Appin murder [c1762]. The Vatican Transcripts illustrate the control of Rome in medieval times over the remotest northern parishes. Among the miscellaneous documents printed at the end of the volume...are the Letters of Legitimation granted by the sixth Earl of Argyll to Alexander Gald MacGregor in 1579, in which the Earl...exercises the privilege of legitimating a bastard; and the charter granted by Isabella Duchess of Albany to Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy in 1440, of certain lands in the Lennox. In this chapter the grantee is given the right of holding courts, but with the reservation that any person capitally convicted must be sent to be hanged at the superior’s gallows!”


J. R. N. MacPhail, K. C.


(1934, 2008), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 310 pp.

ISBN: 9780788402203