Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria Hustings Court Deeds, 1783-1797


Alexandria, Virginia, Alexandria Hustings Court Deeds, 1783-1797 - James D. Munson. This volume contains abstracts of deed books A through H. The Alexandria Hustings Court deed books contain a treasure of primary evidence for a reliable reconstruction of town thoroughfares, public and private buildings, commerce, finances, cultural undertakings, change and growth. They give insight and detail of a special community, its people, and their times—from the end of the Revolution to the beginning of the new century. As a cultural historian, the author has been striving for a number of years to recreate Alexandria in its colonial and early national setting. As part of that effort, he has read every line of some 7,000 pages of deeds from the time the town got its own court of record, to 1801 when it was incorporated into the District of Columbia. Heritage Books persuaded the author to share the information gleaned from his close reading, and the result is the first of two volumes of abstracts, which should be a great boon to genealogists and cultural historians alike. In these abstracts, individuals, families and neighborhoods are tied to a particular time and place. In addition to the names of grantors and grantees, and date and type of document, entries include the following information where given: places of residence and occupation of grantors and grantees; all other parties mentioned, including neighboring property owners and witnesses; price paid and terms; description of the land, including size and location and brief history of the title; relationships; any release of dower; special terms, restrictions or privileges; information about signatures; reports of marriages, remarriages, and deaths. A complete name and subject index is included. The author is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable students of Alexandria history.

(1990), 2013, 5½x8½, paper, index, 278 pp.

ISBN: 9781556133299