Artisans and Merchants of Alexandria, Virginia 1780-1820, Volume 2, Napey to Zimmerman


This volume completes the master directory of people who peddled their wares and services in Alexandria between 1780 and 1820, covering names from Napey to Zimmerman. The entries were compiled from newspapers, property records, city directories, census records, published works, and unpublished studies. Each entry gives the name and occupation of the subject, and can include: the street name or ward where the business was located; the goods or services offered; property transactions; and personal information about the subject. The nine appendices cover: Additions to Volume 1; An Analytical Index to the Acts and Notices to and from the Common Council of the Town of Alexandria, Virginia, as published in the Alexandria Gazette, 1784–1816; A Calendar of Historical Events for Alexandria, Virginia/D.C., 1779–1820; Alexandria-born Sailors; The 1808 and 1816 Censuses of Alexandria, Virginia; Register of Free Negroes and Mulattos in Alexandria, Virginia, for the Year 1809; 1770–1860 Alexandria Clergy List; A History of Alexandria Cemeteries with a Partial List of Tombstone Transcriptions and Burial Data, including a map of Alexandria cemeteries; and a Directory of Alexandria, D.C. for 1834. Sources are cited, and are available for viewing at the Alexandria Library, Lloyd House, where the author is Research Historian. Occupations and buried names are indexed. Mr. Miller is an authority on Alexandria and has written several volumes on its history and genealogy.


T. Michael Miller


(1992), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 558 pp.

ISBN: 9781556135989