A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada

A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Canada
by the U. E. Loyalists and Scotch Highlanders in 1783, and of the Grievances which Compelled the Canadas to have Recourse to Arms in Defense of their Rights and Liberties, in the Years 1837 and 1838: Together with a Brief Sketch of the Campaigns of 1812, ?13, ?14: With an Account of the Military Executions, Burnings, and Sackings of Towns and Villages, by the British, in the Upper and Lower Provinces, Durning the Commotion of 1837 and 1838
D. M'Leod 

Published originally in 1841 by the author himself, a Major General of the Patriot Army, Upper Canada, for the information of those numerous generous hearted citizens of the United States, who so nobly and manfully avowed their sympathy for the oppressed Canadians, when contending agains the mighty power of Great Britain. The author’s desire for a Canada freed from the rule of Great Britain is a recurring theme throughout his writing. M’Leod covers the settlement of the United Empire Loyalists and the Scottish Highlanders (at Glengarry) in about twenty pages. The remainder of the book reviews various military and administrative troubles in the early 1800s. With a new everyname index.

(1841, 1992), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 302 pp

ISBN 9781556137273