A History of the Town of Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut


A lively and well-written history starting with the first European explorers to sight Connecticut (or Quinnehtukqut, as the Indians called it) through struggles between the English, the Dutch, the Indians, and the settlers amongst each other, to the list of 27 Proprietors of 1827. The author, an attorney at law in Greenwich and a descendant of one of those 27 first proprietors, whose greatest interest lies not with accounts of institutions and laws but with the people who made the history of Greenwich, takes care to determine their names and enlivens the whole with anecdotes.

The last hundred pages of the book are devoted to “An Appendix Containing Valuable Statistics” including a history of Fairfield County and its towns, lists of Town Officers for 1855, ‘56, and ‘57, a business directory from 1857, a chronological table, the histories of various religious societies with lists of their ministers, and genealogies of the following families: Brundig, Brush, Close, Curtis, Dayton, Ferris, Field, Holmes, Howe, Lewis, Lockwood, Lyon, Mead, Palmer, Peck, Purdy. A everyname index has been added.

Daniel M. Mead

ISBN: 9781556137280