Guardian Accounts of Princess Anne County, Virginia


Guardian accounts may sometimes fill in the blanks in cases in which individuals did not leave wills revealing names of descendants. Typically, guardian accounts reveal underage offspring orphaned by the death of the parent(s), but not adult offspring. The appointed guardian might be the orphan’s mother, older sibling, older sibling’s spouse, uncle or other relative. Princess Anne County was formed from part of Lower Norfolk County in 1691, and incorporated into the city of Virginia Beach in 1962. This book is a compilation of guardian accounts of Princess Anne County from the years 1736 through 1871. The original records were in fifteen hand-written volumes which spanned a few years each. Here the records are presented alphabetically by the surname of the orphan. While it is easy to imagine that orphans make up only a small part of the population, over 5,000 names are presented here. This is the fifth book by Ms. Maling on Princess Anne County records, following her works on land and probate records and wills.

Anne E. Maling

1997, (2015), 5½x8½, paper, 276 pp.

ISBN: 9780788407345