Bucks County, Pennsylvania Orphans' Court Records 1852-1900


This work contains abstracts of entries of genealogical interest found in Bucks County Orphans' Court dockets. In Pennsylvania, the Orphans' Court in each county had jurisdiction to approve the settlement of estates and sale of real estate of decedents and to discharge the executors and administrators from their duties once the estate was settled. The guardians' accounts in these records provide a great deal of genealogical information, including the heirs of the decedent and the ages or birth dates of any children who were minors. Each entry in this work contains the Orphans' Court file number, the name of the decedent, place of residence or death, date of death and occupation when given, dates of court petitions and summaries of those petitions.

Thomas G. Myers

(2002), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 556 pp.

ISBN: 9781585497652