My Family Tree: Grace McLean Moses, Genealogist (1908-1996), Descendant of John Lewis, Welsh Emigrant (1592-1657)


My Family Tree: Grace McLean Moses, Genealogist (1908-1996), Descendant of John Lewis, Welsh Emigrant (1592-1657) - Edward M. Moses. In her 1984 book, The Welsh Lineage of John Lewis (1592–1657) Emigrant to Gloucester, Virginia, Grace McLean Moses (1908–1996), a professional genealogist, established that the true Warner Hall Lewis family ancestor was the emigrant John Lewis and not, as previously thought, Robert Lewis. This important discovery led her on an odyssey resulting in the publication of this book with the “read only” CD. The journey took her back to the ancient Welsh King Arch (Archwyn), who was born about 50 BC, was Grace’s 60th great grandfather and the first King of the Apostolic Era; the Lord Rhys Goch, Lord of Ystrad, whose line descends from all six of the Royal Tribes of Wales; the warrior King Caradawg Freichfras, born about 510 AD, who was one of King Arthur II's three Round Table "Battle Knights;" the Edwards, Kings of England; William the Conqueror; Emperor Charlemagne in France; and two Roman Empire connections. Over a forty year period Grace Moses accumulated a large personal library and voluminous notes and records in conducting her research. She became a member of many historical and genealogical organizations. For the past seven years her son Colonel Edward M. Moses has compiled all of her records and has authored this book and CD. The purpose of the book is to direct the reader's focus to several important “branches” and “limbs” of the pedigree. It will show the family “double line,” proven by Grace Moses, to the emigrant John Lewis. The CD contains many prominent Virginia names that include three American presidents, a Supreme Court Chief Justice, and numerous Burgesses, Councilors and military leaders. This extensive, detailed research aide contains over 5,000 names; 300 documents, correspondence, and picture exhibit images; 300 listed sources; and 15,000 citations and memos. The CD also contains four computer programs and six family exhibit image folders. There are two Master Genealogist data backup folders for TMG 4d and TMG version 5 programs; a GEDCOM file for users of other genealogical programs; and the Second Site program for persons with no genealogical software.

(2004), 2012, 8½x11 and CD-rom, TMG v4, paper, 40 pp.

ISBN: 9781585499281