Newspaper Extracts from The Marin Journal, Marin County Tocsin, San Rafael, Marin County, California, January 1, 1891 to December 31, 1892


Looking for someone in the 1880s in Marin County? Unfortunately, the 1890 Census that included information on births, marriages, and deaths was lost. Fortunately for researchers, this series provides a wealth of information to fill this gap, but these volumes offer more than vital statistics! Newspaper abstracts are an excellent resource for genealogists and historians. In addition to the abundance of names and relationships, news articles tell us a lot about the customs, lifestyles, and priorities of the times. Voter lists, orphan records, lists of letters, and notes of when people living out of state visited their relatives add to the value of this work. A full name index is included to facilitate research.

Marin County Genealogical Society 

2005, 8½x11, paper, index, 298 pp.

ISBN: 9781585499632