The Martin Family of the Poquoson District of York County, Virginia [CaseLam]


With additional Martin notes on Portsmouth, Virginia, and Grafton District, York County, Virginia

“The original intent of this volume was to extend the Poquoson Martin families’ ancestry back several generations. … However, this intent, to extend our Martin ancestry, has been thwarted by the lack of records from Accomack, Northampton, or York counties, Virginia, which would connect or confirm the known history of the generations of Martins who were beginning to settle in Poquoson around the year 1805. Even though the original goal was not achieved, the project of elaborating the history of the Martin family of Poquoson has proceeded sufficiently to warrant the publication of this volume. … As much as possible, the records have been cited and documented with all the genealogical data extracted from them so that a future researcher may follow the existing paper documentary trail to its conclusion.”

Individual chapters are devoted to the following Martins: Henry (c1750–c1805) of the Eastern Shore; Henry (c1774–c1836) of Poquoson; John (c1800–c1831) of Poquoson; Samuel (c1803–c1880) of Portsmouth; James H. (c1824–1869) of Portsmouth; Alexander (1825–c1868) of Messick; John (1828–c1875) of Portsmouth; Elizabeth Ann (1835–c1912) of Portsmouth; Noah (1836–1912) of Portsmouth; Georgianna (1842–xxxx) of Portsmouth; Walter (c1805–1881) of Messick; Margaret (c1804–c1857) of Portsmouth; George (c1782–1818) of Poquoson; William John (c1800–1843) of Messick; David (1826–c1890) of Messick; Moses (1832–1892) of Messick; Jacob (1837–1910) of Poquoson; William B. (1793–c1860) of Grafton; James K. (1833–1914) of Grafton; and William M. (1827–1862) of Poquoson. An appendix: 1850 Census extract of persons residing in Poquoson District, York County, who were born on the Eastern Shore; a Bibliography and History of published works concerning Poquoson District, York County, Virginia; and a full-name index add to the value of this work.

Fred William Martin, Sr. and Albert James Willett, Jr.

(1994), 2023, 5½x8½, case-laminate, index, 338 pp.

ISBN: 9781556139802