Mosser / Musser Family


A genealogical survey of the Mosser family in America from colonial time to the present day. This enlightening text helps to dispel much of the confusion surrounding the history of the family in North America, specifically the wide variation in spellings of the name as the family spread across the country. A traditional German surname, the original Mosser was often misinterpreted in public records due to peculiarities in handwriting and the language barrier between the German immigrants and the various ship’s stewards, custom house officials and later census takers whose records form the bulk of the early data on the family. In some cases, members of immediate families would each be registered under a different surname creating a tangled web of Mossers, Mosers, Mussers, Musers, Messers, Mosiers, Moyers and even a few Masons for today’s genealogists to contend with. The text begins with a brief history of the family and the establishment of the "Pennsylvania Dutch" community. Individual chapters are devoted to the lines of descent from Hans Martin Mosser, Hans Adam Mosser, Hans Paulus Mosser and Philip Moser. Further chapters are included on Mosers not yet placed within known lines of descent and an exploration of twelve collateral lines for the allied families Boehm, Everett, Hower, Koppenhoffer, Lichtenwallner, Long, Oswald, Seberling and Wannamaker. The text is enriched by descendency charts, photographs and illustrations, and contains a complete list of references for those seeking more data. Truly a valuable resource for researchers of Pennsylvania Dutch families.


Anita L. Mott


(1999), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 250 pp.

ISBN: 9780788411878