A History of the Clan MacLean


From its first settlement at Duard Castle, in the Isle of Mull, to the Present Period, including a Genealogical Account of Some of the Principal Families together with their heraldry, legends, superstitions, etc

A monumental history of the venerable MacLeans, who's history is interwoven with the history of Scotland, like the bright threads of the clan tartan. From Druidism to the Battle of Culloden, from family feuds to coats of arms; no facet of Scottish and MacLean history is left untouched. Background information on the family is followed by chronological material: the home and origin of the clan, the first period of the chiefs (1250-1400), the MacLeans as vassals of the Lords of the Isles (1365-1493), the MacLeans as an independent clan (1493-1598), and the MacLeans as partisans of the House of Stuart (1598-1746). The histories of the different houses of MacLean follow: the House of Brolass; House of Lochbuie; Clann Thearlaich O'Buie; and the MacLeans of Kingerloch; Scallasdale; Lehire; Ardgour; Borreray; Treshnish; Inverscadell; Blaich; Ross; Coll; Achanasaul; Muck; Drimnacross; Totaranald; Crossapol; Haremere Hall; Kinlochaline; Drimnin; Pennycross; Toroloisk; and the Counts MacLean of Sweden. Further chapters cover the MacLean family's connections with the mysterious island of Iona, refuge of Druids and St. Columbia; legends associated with the clan; and numerous spellings of the name. A chapter is devoted to "the Clansmen after Culloden," which describes the abolishment of Highland garb, and the oppression that followed. Two chapters are devoted to MacLean authors and poets. This work is profusely illustrated with maps, portraits, battlefield views, castles, tombs, ruins and armorial bearings.


J. P. MacLean


(1889), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 498 pp.

ISBN: 9780788413162