Handbook History of the Town of York [Maine] From Early Times to the Present


Handbook History of the Town of York [Maine] From Early Times to the Present - Edward C. Moody. The author opens with a transcript of the Charter for the “Province of Mayne,” listing Sir Ferdinando Gorges as the “Lord” of the province, then proceeds with a general early history. Moody covers: York in the Colonial War - Louisburg; the War of 1812; the Civil War; the Olde Gaol; the first Parish Meeting House; the York Harbor and Beach Railroad; York hospital; newspapers; schools; York as a summer resort; cotton and woolen mills; witchcraft, legends and traditions; the Norridgewock Expedition; William Hutchins - the last survivor of the Revolution; shipbuilding and sea captains; physicians and surgeons; the York Country Club and much more. A section of brief biographical sketches of York’s prominent men follows, including George Burdette, Samuel and Nathaniel Donnell, the Fitzgeralds, Isaac Lyman, Alexander McIntire, Samuel Moody, Abraham Preble, Henry Sayword, David Sewall, and Samuel Sewall. The text is filled with names and dates, including a list of 1861 York patriots, and a “Civil List” of representatives. A portrait of the author, numerous brief excerpts from a variety of documents, and a full-name index enhance the value of this book. (1914, 2000), 2015, 5½x8½, paper, index, 274 pp.

ISBN: 9780788414558