Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records, Volume B


Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records, Volume B - Milton A. Masing. Entries were compiled from tombstones, permit books, burial books, individual index books and other sources.

Names are listed alphabetically under the cemetery of interment. Information varies for each entry, but a typical entry includes name of deceased, date of death and burial, cemetery section, number and lot. Entries may also include names of parents/kin, birth date, nativity, late residence, entry number and section number. A fullname index is included, in which each cemetery is assigned an identity code.

This volume contains listings from the following cemeteries: Riverview Public Cemetery; Lindsay, Cheek, Buffington, Cobb, Langley, Speakman, Hopping, Holman and Probst Family Cemeteries; Holman Hill Cemetery; Conwell Street Cemetery; and Northside Aurora Cemetery. With maps of Dearborn County and Center Township.

(2000), 2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 2 vols., 580 pp.

101-M1505 ISBN: 0788415050