A History of Bradford, Vermont


Of Its First Settlement In 1765, And The Principal Improvements Made, And Events Which Have Occurred Down To 1874-A Period Of One Hundred And Nine Years With Various Genealogical Records, And Biographical Sketches Of Families And Individuals, Some Deceased, And Others Still Living

Bradford is located in Orange County, about midway between South and North limits of the state of Vermont. The first portion of the book is devoted to the early history of Bradford including the charter by King George III in 1770, transactions of early town meetings with lists of clerks and representatives, roads and bridges, ecclesiastical affairs and churches, education and schools, patriotism and soldiery with a list of soldiers (1861-65) and more. Several specimens of Bradford poetry and a new fullname index are also included. The citizens of Bradford are the focus of the majority of these pages. Surnames covered include: Aldrich, Andross, Armstrong, Baldwin, Barron, Batchelder, Bliss, Butler, Chase, Clark, Colby, Corliss, Cummings, Davis, Dea, Farnham, Flanders, Greenleaf, Hardy, Hay, Hunkins, Johnson, Low, McDuffee, McKeen, Manson, Martin, May, Nelson, Ormsby, Osborn, Pearson, Peckett, Peters, Preston, Pritchard, Putnam, Rogers, Ruter, Sawyer, Shaw, Simpson, Stevens, Strickland, Tabor, Trotter, Underwood, Willard, Wilson, Worthley, and Wright. Aubery, Andross, Carpenter, Carter, Colby, Cushing, Doty, Martin, Poole, Putnam, Stebbins, Warden, Whipple, and Whiting, are among the physicians covered.


Rev. Silas McKeen, D.D.


(1875), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 510 pp.

ISBN 9780788416156