Historic Homes of the South-West Mountains, Virginia


The South-West Mountains are located in the center of Albemarle County, Virginia. The list of those who have lived there is a long and honored one. It is the birthplace of presidents, governors, and statesmen. Their homes reflect their personalities and will be of more than local interest. This book perpetuates the characteristics of these famous houses, many of which are fast disappearing under the advance of modern architecture. It provides a portrait of them as they once stood, as well as anecdotal accounts and brief genealogies of their inhabitants. The text is enhanced by twenty-three illustrations and a map of the historic homes. Homes include: Thomas Jefferson’s birthplace, Shadwell, his home, Monticello, and two of his farms, Lego and Pantops; Edgehill, owned by the Randolphs; Belmont, owned by the Everetts; East Belmont, owned by Isaac Long, Esq.; Sunny Side, summer home of J. P. Pace, Esq.; Fruitland, the residence of A. P. Fox, Esq.; Cismont, summer home of Colonel H. W. Fuller; Castalia, the estate of Murray Boocock, Esq.; Music Hall, home of Captain James Terrell; Belvoir, home of the Nelsons; Kinloch, home of Dr. Tom Meriwether; Rougemont, home of the Dickinsons; Hopedale, home of the Boydens; Castle Hill, home of the Rivses; Keswick, home of the Pages; Edgeworth, home of the Gordons; Broad Oak, home of Edward C. Meade, Esq.; and Glenmore, home of the Magruders.

Edward C. Mead

paper, 342 pp.

ISBN: 9780788417887