Ohio and Her Western Reserve, With a Story of Three States Leading to the Latter, from Connecticut, by Way of Wyoming, Its Indian Wars and Massacre


This work chronicles Connecticut's expansion westward, and the role Connecticut played in the region we now call Ohio, by first looking at Puritanism as the springboard to Connecticut's expansion. It includes an account of the Battle and Massacre of Wyoming (1778) and the flight through "The Shades of Death." The history of the Western Reserve is given with reference to the contributions to public service the Reserve made in the areas of literature, culture, statesmanship and education. Ohio, as a state, is traced up until the end of the 19th century. Some of the topics discussed include: the "Pennamite Wars," antislavery as a logical outcome of Puritanism, and, Ohio and "the Great Ordinance" of 1787. The author also examines Ohio's pivotal role in the Civil War. The main text is supplemented with illustrations, and includes pictures of six presidents from Ohio. There are two maps: one of lands claimed by Connecticut in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the other depicting the Western Reserve.

Alfred Mathews

(1902), 2005, paper, index, 374 pp.

ISBN: 9780788418693