United Confederate Veterans of Limestone and Freestone Counties, Texas, Joe Johnston Camp, No. 94, Minute Book 1 and 2


This treasure trove of genealogical information is compiled from the original camp books, and has never been printed before. Now, thanks to the author, this valuable data has been preserved and made available to researchers everywhere. Camp No. 94 was one of the larger East Texas camps with members from numerous surrounding counties. Rosters of Ex-Confederates of Limestone County, Texas, are provided for: 1889; August 1, 1890; July 22, 1891; August 2-5, 1892; 1894-1895; July 22-24, 1896; and 1903 in table form. A roster, with additional genealogical information provided by the author, augments the tables. The new Constitution of Joe Johnston Camp No. 94; camp minutes; lists of living Confederate Veterans and Confederate widows dated July 27, 1926; a list of Sons and Daughters; possible Civil War veterans buried in Limestone County; CSA Veterans not listed in the rosters, but buried in Limestone County; and death dates of deceased members of Joe Johnston Camp No. 94 are all included. An addendum lists men who were the correct age to serve in the army, or whose tombstone recorded military service.

Patricia Bennette McGinty

(2001, 2005), 2013, 8½x11, paper, index, 148 pp.

ISBN: 9780788419898