Births, Deaths and Marriages on California's Mendocino Coast, Volume 10, 1990-1999


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This volume, the tenth in a series, chronicles the births, deaths and marriages from 1990 through 1999 in one of California’s more remote and beautiful counties. The decade of the Nineties was marked by both positive and negative changes. Nationally, budget problems reduced services to a growing population and created a polarization of politics. Yet, a tremendous growth in technology fostered a “bull” stock market and growth of wealth. In California, Proposition 13 severely impacted all public services, but growing surpluses later in the decade lifted local budget pressures. Problems in the fishing and logging industries on California’s North Coast combined with environmental concerns and an electric power crisis were offset by a growing tourist business. Like the previous volumes, the text is divided into three alphabetized sections. All sections include the date of the newspaper in which the notice appears. Birth announcements include the infant’s name, weight and date of birth, father’s name and residence, and hospital. Death notices provide name of the deceased and sundry information such as: age, residence, occupation, names of family members, place of birth, and place of burial. Marriages are listed alphabetically by groom’s surname, and include names of bride, groom, parents, minister, and places of residence. Anniversaries are also included in this section. Brides are listed in the index under their maiden names.

Mendocino Coast Genealogical Society

(2002), 2011, 8½x11, paper, index, 538 pp.

ISBN: 9780788420139