The Comfort Carpenter and Elizabeth Phelps Pinkham Family

From Dover, New Hampshire to Stanstead, Quebec with Leighton, Huckins, Huntington, Carpenter, Brewster, Bacheldor and Amos Phelps Family Ties

Richard Pyncombe (Richard Pinkham after his arrival to Dover) was born 7 November 1613 in Alvington, Devonshire, England and died in June 1681 in Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire. He became “Generation 1” of the North American Dover, New Hampshire Pinkham line. Richard Pinkham was one of the first settlers of Dover, New Hampshire and signed the charter of New Hampshire, a document believed to be a foundation study for the Declaration of Independence.

This detailed family history covers eleven generations and encompasses: Richard Pinkham (Generation 1), Richard Pinkham (Generation 2), Thomas Pinkham (Generation 3), Abijah Thomas Pinkham (Generation 4), Children of Abijah and Rachel (Huckins) Pinkham (Generation 5) including Samuel Pinkham Senior (Generation 5), Children of Samuel and Dorothy (Ordway) Pinkham (Generation 6) including Joseph, Samuel G. Junior and Abijah Pinkham (Generation 6), Children of Joseph Pinkham (Generation 7), Children of Abijah and Hannah (Sleeper) Pinkham (Generation 7), Children of Samuel G. Junior and Theodocia (Carpenter) Pinkham (Generation 7) including Comfort Carpenter Pinkham and siblings, the connection between the Pinkham and Phelps families, research upon the Amos and Diadama (Long) Phelps family including son, Amos B. Phelps Junior who died during the War of 1812, research upon Elizabeth Phelps’ brother, Amos Phelps III, Children of Comfort and Elizabeth (Phelps) Pinkham (Generation 8), Children of John Wesley and Sarah (Irwin) Pinkham (Generation 9), Children of Lawrence Mowbray and Annie (Gordon) Pinkham (Generation 10), Children of Robert Earlby and Margaret (Milne) Pinkham (Generation 11) with a Daughters of the American Revolution certificate for Anne Louise Manrique (Generation 12) and a list of over ninety Phelps surnamed Eastern Townships of Quebec residents during the early 1800s.


Based upon text by Robert Earlby Pinkham and updated by Anne Louise Manrique


2022, 8½x11, paper, 302 pp.

ISBN: 9780788421082