The History of Galloway, from the earliest period to the present time [3 volumes]


A thorough history of the Galloway area of Scotland. The author covers the history before the arrival of the Romans and the Saxons, then discusses the effects of the presence of these two groups on the local people, the rise of Robert Bruce and other rulers, as well as agriculture, customs, religion, political machinations, military actions (including William Wallace and his battles with the English King Edward III), and the like. The appendices provide a selection of original documents ranging from the epitaph of Queen Anne to the deed of Baliol resigning his kingdom to trial records of certain individuals. Two detailed maps show the towns and topography of Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtonshire. The new, fullname index gives ready access to the several thousand names mentioned in nearly 1,500 pages of text.


William Mackenzie 

(1841) reprint, paper, index, 3 volumes, 1433 pp.

ISBN: 0788422561