The Self-Reconstruction of Maryland, 1864-1867

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The Self-Reconstruction of Maryland, 1864-1867 - William Starr Myers. The author has "endeavored to show the method by which Maryland entered upon a process of self-reconstruction during the years 1864 to 1867, and the relation of this movement to national politics." This historical monograph begins with the narrow victory which the State had in the 1864 vote for the pro-Union state constitution, which included abolishing slavery and making radical changes in the government (the pro-Unionists won by only 375 votes out of nearly 60,000), then ranges over the status of national and state politics in 1865, the formation of the Democratic-Conservative Party in Maryland and the defeat of the Radicals, discusses the reform legislature of 1867 and the Constitutional Convention, and concludes with a brief recap of the State's successful self-reconstruction. The author held a Ph.D. and was Preceptor in History at Princeton University in 1909. Originally published as part of the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science. (1909) reprint, 5½x8½, paper, index, 136 pp. 101-M2283 ISBN: 0788422839