The Struggle for Missouri


This book provides a detailed account of the political and military events in Missouri leading up to and during the Civil War.

“Whatever else may be said of Southern statesmen, of the elder school, they certainly had an imperial breadth of view. They took in the whole continent in a way that their Northern colleagues were slow in doing.

“It cannot be said just when they began to plan for a separate Government which would have Slavery as its cornerstone, would dominate the Continent and ultimately absorb Cuba, Mexico and Central America as far as the Isthmus of Panama.”

“At the conclusion of the battle Missouri was as firmly anchored to the Union as her neighbors, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. The battle for Missouri had been fought and won.”

Chapters include: A Salient Bastion for the Slavery Empire; The War Clouds Gather; Nathaniel Lyon’s Entrance on the Scene; The capture of Camp Jackson; The Scott-Harney Agreement; The Last Word Before the Blow; Gen. Lyon Begins an Effective Campaign; Storm Gathers in Southwestern Missouri; Eve of the Battle of Wilson’s Creek; Battle of Wilson’s Creek; The Aftermath of Wilson’s Creek; A Galaxy of Notable Men; Fremont’s Marvelous Ineffectiveness; The Sad Retreat from Springfield; Gen. H. W. Halleck in Command; Hunter, Lane, Missouri and Kansas; Price Driven Out of the State; Gen. Earl Van Dorn Takes Command; and The Victory is Won. Illustrations and maps enhance the text.

The author served with the Union Army and survived Andersonville and other prison camps before the war ended.

John McElroy

(1913), 2023, 5½x8½, paper, , 332 pp