Westmoreland County, Virginia Deeds and Wills, Deed Book 16 and 17, 1773-1787


Deed and will books can contain land transactions, mortgages, leases, bills of sale, powers of attorney, marriage contracts, estate settlements, and much more information of genealogical interest. They are a must for researching your family history.

This volume contains non-date sequential entries from Westmoreland County, Virginia Deed and Will Book No. 16, 1773–1787 beginning on page 1 and ending on page 403 for courts held May 18, 1774 through June 27, 1786, as well as Westmoreland County, Virginia Deed and Will Book No. 17, which was created by the county clerks to replace Deed and Will Book No. 16 that was stolen but later recovered. A cross reference is available at the end of this book to be able to compare any subtleties between the two records. An every-name index adds to the value of this work.

Michael R. Marshall

2023, 8½x11, paper, index, 184 pp.

ISBN: 9780788429231