Wilson Families in Cumberland County, Virginia and Woodford County, Kentucky With Correspondence and Other Papers, 1785-1849


These papers are primarily correspondence to Benjamin Wilson Jr. (1759-1839) who moved from Cumberland County, Virginia, to Kentucky about 1788. Fortunately, he and his descendants kept much of his correspondence, several apparent drafts of letters, and various other documents referring to his estate. This publication consists of transcriptions of all the letters; most of the drafts, receipts, deeds (some abbreviated), etc. excluding about 35 documents dated 1859-1915 and several undated receipts or notations from the collection in the University of Kentucky. Most original spelling has been retained.Documents are presented chronologically, following an examination of the family background that includes the children of Benjamin and Anne (Seay) Wilson and kinsman John Wilson (ca. 1750-1826), and a discussion of the geographical background. The letters are filled with names and details of family and community life that will give readers a sense of the people involved, and touch on the social issues of the times. Thorough documentation, names bolded within the text, a bibliography, and a full name index are true bonuses to researchers.

Patti Sue McCrary

2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 336 pp.

ISBN: 9780788431562