Wilson Families: Descendants of Colonel Benjamin Wilson, 1733-1814


Colonel Benjamin Wilson (1733-1814) of Cumberland County, Virginia, had thirteen children. This work documents over 2,000 of his descendants for eleven generations from the 1700s to 2005. Though some of his descendants remained in Virginia or moved to nearby North Carolina, many moved west, first to Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri and Texas, before moving on to many other states. The contents of this book have been formatted according to the Modified Register System that was refined by the National Genealogical Society. Individual chapters are devoted to the descendants of: Colonel Benjamin Wilson (1733-1814), Mary Wilson (1754-1787), Willis Wilson (1758-1822), Benjamin Wilson, Jr. (1759-1839), James Wilson (1765-1847), Mason Wilson (1768-1837), Matthew Wilson (1772-1833), Goodridge Wilson (1776-1849), and Martha Wilson (1778-1849). Surnames through female descendants include: Aiken, Bates, Brown, Hobson, Meredith, Moseley, Sparkman, Trent, Venable, Watson and Woodson. This wealth of names, dates, and personal data is enhanced by interesting information about the time period. Quotes from court documents, family stories, old correspondence through the early 1900s, and other sources are documented in the footnotes and bibliography. An appendix includes transcriptions of some documents that are difficult to acquire. The index entries include birth and death dates, when known, and lists females under maiden and married names.


Patti Sue McCrary

 2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 426 pp.

ISBN: 9780788431999