Early Days of Washington


This charming narrative history pertains primarily to the Georgetown area of Washington, D. C. Written in the elegant prose of her times, S. S. Mackall paints a vivid portrait of Georgetown from its creation, augmented by an abundance of vintage photographs and illustrations. Prominent locations and significant figures of Georgetown and surrounding areas are discussed along with vibrant descriptions of the landscape. Names and genealogical information pepper these pages with frequent ties to Maryland and Virginia families. Mackall writes: In these days, when we are interested in old times and old things, let us go back a hundred years and unravel the golden thread that binds and holds in poetic indistinctness all that our people were doing in days long ago. Very few are left to tell the tale, and few of the old colonial places remain. Our generation reverences not the old land-marks, and they are rapidly disappearing. The old Semmes Tavern on High Street, Georgetown, where General Washington spent many hours, was destroyed about a year ago. Wesley E. Pippenger has reformatted this book and created an every name index that will delight historians and genealogists alike.

S. S. Mackall

(1899, 2004), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 262 pp.

ISBN: 9780788432019