Lovinia’s Child: A Depression Tale


Lovinia’s Child: A Depression Tale - Barbara Venton Montgomery. This captivating memoir takes the reader back in time and introduces a memorable cast of characters who played a significant role in the author's young life. This eyewitness account is rich with details of day-to-day life during the hard times and difficult circumstances of the thirties and forties when the Great Depression and World War II framed most people's lives. "To be Jewish and Native American in or near Chicago in 1938 was difficult, and that is an understatement." Barbara Venton Montgomery, "Bub," an intelligent, strong willed child, was abandoned by her father early in her life, and then became a ward of the court during her mother's confinement to a tuberculosis sanitarium. Young Barbara's years in foster care were not uneventful! The author survived her childhood, the Great Depression, and Calumet City, and has preserved the details of her fascinating life that included everything from Al Capone and "Sin City;" to Grandpa Crawford's house in the Ozarks; to homemade ice cream with Uncle Maple; to her mother's stand against milk dumping; to the charms of the Hupmobile. This tale reminds us that human nature remains much the same, but the minutiae of daily life, conditions in schools, economic challenges, and social values are a reflection of their era and add another dimension to this very readable book. 2005, 5½x8½, paper, 106 pp.

ISBN: 9780788433603