Alexandria, Virginia City Officialdom 1749-1992


In its more than 200 years of municipal history, Alexandria has experienced three different systems of government. After its incorporation in 1779, the old trustee form of government was eliminated, and council-mayor system was implemented. Then in 1922, the government changed to a council-city manager system. Unfortunately, without the existence of a comprehensive city directory, the identity of these civil servants has remained relatively obscure. To remedy this situation, the author has prepared (this roster) of Alexandria city officialdom. This listing is prefaced by an overview of the political changes in Alexandria. The names and dates of service of the Alexandria trustees, who were responsible for the government of Alexandria from 1749 until 1779, are listed alphabetically. The remaining officials are listed by year. The roster of officials of the council-mayor form of government includes justices of the Hustings Court, which was abolished in 1800. In the listing of members of the city council and administrative government officials are distinguished from one another. A surname index is included for easy reference.

T. Michael Miller

1992, paper, 160 pp.

ISBN: 9781556136115