Sketches of Historic Bennington, Vermont


The first part of the book briefly describes some events in the history of the town. What is now know as the state of Vermont was created from a land grant given by Benning Wentworth, Governor of New Hampshire in the mid 1700s. A brief sketch of the life of Samuel Robinson, Bennington's pioneer settler is included. An account of the Revolutionary period depicts the struggle of the settlers to keep their land despite New York's attempt to eject them prior to the Revolutionary War and how that conflict against a common enemy superseded the land disputes. Famous military figures of that time are included such as Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys and General Stark.

The second part of the book focuses more on the human element of Bennington's history. This section includes the author's reminiscences about subjects such as old homes and their residents, the Walloomsac River, schools, libraries, and courthouses; the celebration of the Battle of Bennington on August sixteenth; the prevalence of the state coach, the traveling circus, fledgling industry in the area, the first church, and the names of the people buried there. 


John Merrill


1898, (1992), paper, 105 pp.

ISBN: 9781556136627