Letters to a Civil War Bride: The Civil War Letters of Captain Wolcott Pascal Marsh


Captain Wolcott Pascal Marsh wrote numerous letters to his young bride, Anna, during the early months of the Civil War (May 10, 1861 through December 19, 1862). These letters were preserved as a family heirloom and are presented here in their original form replete with the rich language and political views of the day. They were written on the battlefield and give detailed descriptions of daily life in the Union Army, successful and failed battle strategies, the tragedy of sudden death, and the fear and flight so commonly experienced by the unseasoned soldier. Marsh tells of writing one letter while lying on his back in a brush arbor, while on picket duty prior to the first battle of Manassas. Through his letters, readers will become acquainted with Wolcott Pascal Marsh, an average citizen who loved his wife and loved his country. He enlisted in the Union Army just two weeks after their nuptials to join in the fight to preserve the Union. The authors have added notes from historical journals to help the reader put these letters in their original setting. Historic details of Burnside’s campaign in North Carolina; the Battles of South Mountain, Antitum and Fredericksburg; and other notable events are included. Numerous vintage photographs, illustrations and facsimile reprints of original documents enhance the text.

Sandra Marsh Mercer and Jerry Mercer 

2006, 5½x8½, paper, 552 pp.

ISBN: 9780788436857