Families of Grace: Remembering Radford, Volume I


The risk and adventure of settling field and forest so different from their motherlands, shaped by political and economic events which offered both constraint and opportunity, set the context for a group of travelers to become a community. And so it was, through triumph and tragedy, old social customs mixed with new cultural venues and a community was formed. European ships full of courageous, hopeful individuals found their way across the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of the North American continent. The English embraced Virginia's shoreline in 1607. More would come, from many countries, to bond together and call themselves Americans. This is the story of one of those American communities: Radford City, Virginia. Her history and the history of the Radford family for whom she was named are woven through these pages. The Radford family's Episcopal church history and parishioners shed additional light on the friends and activities of early residents. Inside is a historical and genealogical journey through those histories. From the first Native American settlement to the early years of the Radford City's 1892 incorporation, over eight hundred family surnames and fifty illustrations of ordinary people in extraordinary times bring the New River city's past to life. This book is their applause. Radford City is their legacy.


Joanne Spiers Moche


2008, 5½x8½, paper, index 568 pp.

ISBN: 9780788437441