Hanson, Henson, Hinson, Hynson, and Allied Family Names, Volume 4: Early Records of Kentucky and Tennessee

This particular volume concentrates on the westward migration of the Hansons and is a must for anyone interested in the Hanson/Henson/Hinson/Hynson surname, allied families, and friends! Some of the names in these records include connections which cannot be found elsewhere. The discovery of the Cumberland Gap opened the floodgates for westward migration and the Hxnsons went along with other early pioneers who poured into Kentucky and Tennessee in search of cheap land and a better life. Many of these records contain vital information as to where these pioneers came from and where they went as they moved further west. Connections can be made to states as far west as California and most states in between. Military pension and early land grant records are included which give a wealth of information for these pioneers and their descendants, including connections to Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia in the late 1600s and early 1700s.
This volume also includes documented records of early settlers who intermarried with Cherokee Indians and will prove to be a real bonus for those who are looking for Indian connections. Entries are presented in a convenient table for mat, grouped by state with Hansons, Hensons, Hinsons, and Hynsons listed alphabetically by first name within each state. Eleven column headings include: LN (first two letters of the last name), FIRSTNAME, IO (initial only), FATHER, MOM_SPOUSE, EVENT, EVENTDATE, CITY, COUNTY_PAR (parish), ST (state), and SOURCE. A full-name index of allied family names adds to the value of this work.

Ethel Nerim Miner

has been a professional genealogist for over twenty years. She has concentrated her research efforts on the Hxnson line, almost exclusively, since 1985.


Ethel N. Miner 

(1993), 2020, 8½x11, paper, index, 162 pp.

IBSN: 9781556139277