Grandfather Tales of Scarborough


“Mr. Moulton has done his task supremely well. Combining his ripe scholarship and his capacity for historical research with the tales and traditions handed down in his family, he has given us a local history that is beyond price. Particularly, his chapters on the early proprietors and on the origins of the land titles are of much value in the case of numerous Maine towns. It is a work to be treasured far beyond the circle of those who have Scarboro blood in their veins.”—John Clair Minot. This narrative is filled with richly detailed descriptions of people, places and events presented in a conversational style that is a pleasure to read. Chapters include: My Grandfather, The Fabyans and the Millikens, The Stuart Brook, Ezra Carter Homestead, Roads and Highways, The Movement for Better Highways, Dunstan of the Alger Settlement, The Scarboro Marshes and the Dyke, The Rivers and the Old Seaport, The Shipping and the Shipyard, The King Family and Resident People, Old Dunstan Corner, Old Times in the Vicinity, Taverns and Stage Coaches, Over the River District, Charles Pine and the Pioneer Settlers, Random Grandfather Tales, The Indian Wars and Garrison Houses, Black Point and Prouts Neck, The Prouts Neck Title, The Churches and Parishes, How the Old Orthodox Church Became Unpopular, Schools and Educational System, Social Customs and Neighborhood Affairs, The Proprietors of Scarborough, Individual Ownership of Land in America, and Three Scarboro Women. Numerous vintage photographs enhance these pages.


Augustus F. Moulton


(1925), 2012, 5½x8½, paper, 224 pp.

ISBN: 9780788441295