Wilson Families in Colonial Virginia and related Mason, Seawell, Goodrich, Boush Families: Ancestors and Kin of Benjamin Wilson (1733-1814)


This work documents the Wilson, Mason, Seawell, Goodrich and Boush families in Colonial Virginia from their arrival in the 1600’s until the Revolutionary War era. They immigrated to the Norfolk/Elizabeth City areas. Some later moved up the James River and others to the Rappahannock River. Many served as officers in the county government and/or as burgesses in the General Assembly. Military titles are used as they appeared in public records; text describes the Goodrich and Mason involvement in Bacon’s Rebellion. Each of the five surnames is treated in a separate chapter. A detailed table of contents shows the structure of each family. Documentation is provided in the footnotes, appendix, and bibliography. Up to five generations are shown with over 400 descendants. Cross-references show the marriages between members of these families. Additional surnames with numerous entries in the index include Butt, Cary, Curle, Langley, Lightfoot, Newton, and Thelaball. The index gives birth and death dates (when known) as well as maiden name and marriage name for women.

Patti Sue McCrary

2007, 5½x8½, paper, index, 298 pp. 

ISBN: 9780788443916