Women of the War; Their Heroism and Self-Sacrifice


Women of the War; Their heroism and Self-Sacrifice - Frank Moore. For the most part, the histories of wars are the histories of men. Women may be given occasional mention-some for inspiring "heroism and knightly deeds," some for causing "strifes innumerable," few for participation. This is a collection of true accounts about the contributions of numerous notable Union women during the Civil War. "Many loyal women along the vexed border, and within the lines of the enemy, exhibited a more than human courage for the Union and its glorious banner, in the face of persecution and danger. In the hospital, and amid the stormy scenes of war, they displayed a heroism as brilliant as that of Grace Darling, surpassed the charity of Florence Nightingale, and repeated the humility and gentle sacrifices recorded of Mary in the sacred Scriptures." This volume includes accounts of: Mrs. Fanny Ricketts, Mrs. Mary A. Brady, Kady Brownell, Mrs. P. B. Hurd, Margaret E. Breckinridge, Mrs. Elida Rumsey Fowle, Bridget Divers, Mrs. Isabella Fogg, What We Did at Gettysburg, Mrs. Mary W. Lee, Miss Major Pauline Cushman, Mrs. John Harris, Mary E. Shelton, Carrie Sheads, Mrs. Stephen Barker, Mrs. Belle Reynolds, Mrs. Charlotte E. McKay, The Bloody Flag of Fort Pillow; Mrs. Mary Morris Husband, Mrs. E. E. George, Anna Maria Ross, Mrs. A. H. Hoge, Miss Emily W. Dana, Mrs. S. Burger Stearns, Mrs. Harriet W. F. Hawley, Miss Maria M. C. Hall, Mrs. Governor Harvey, Miss Amy M. Bradley, Miss Rebecca R. Usher, Mother Byckerdyke, Mrs. Ann Hitz, "Aunt Lizzie" and "Mother", Miss Mary E. Dupee, Mrs. Elizabeth Mendenhall, Loyal Southern Women, Anna Etheridge, Miss A. Shelton, Miss Georgiana Willets, Women as Soldiers, Nelly M. Chase, Woman's Sacrifices, Miss Jane Boswell Moore, and Sanitary Laborers. A full name index completes this unique perspective of the Civil War. (1866), 2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 600 pp.

ISBN 9780788447396